Your ticket to fun and easy show experience

LiveU is a mobile app that helps Israeli fans get a better show experience pre and during shows using advanced technological and personal service.
Many things can cause a bad show experience such as long queues, bad synergy with singers ,bad productions, etc.
In this case study, I'm going to show you my process and solutions to make the live show experience much better and richer.

User interview

The fans do not receive a positive and organized enough experience at live show

Initially, I needed to know my target audience's needs.
So I interviewed Israeli music lovers to gauge the core problems LiveU will aim to solve:


All participants complained of disorganization


Everyone was complaining about logistical problems at arrival, sales points, and long waits.


They need to purchase the ticket from a reliable source. Most often from the official website of the show, publications on social media, or familiar apps.


Most of them were concerned about the cost of the tickets and services.


For most fans, a good atmosphere in the show is important

Market research

How to ensure a rich fan experience by providing comprehensive services

After I understood what the core problems are, I started my research and checked what the competitors in this market offer and what solutions can make the fan experience richer.
I’ve explored apps, websites, similar fields apps, new technologies, etc.

I came to the following conclusions:


Buying show tickets it’s a must

Purchasing a show ticket is the most important action that leads the user to make additional purchases in the app.

How we make it
  • Experiential content- Playlist preparation for the show, video of the artist with a personal message fans
  • CTA & limited offers (Positive Scarcity)

  • Quick and clear checkout
  • Clear and short information


More time for fun, more time to buy

Increasing revenue by reducing concessions wait times.

How we make it
  • Online food order (Quick and clear process with tracking)
  • Online merchandize order (Quick and clear process with tracking)

  • Updated queue opening at entrance


Pump up the vibe

Good atmosphere during the show will enrich the fans experience.

How we make it
  • lights show- it’s a technology that empowers the fans to interact with their lovely artist and create an exciting light show spectacle!
  • Identifying friends who are at the show- Facebook connect is a great feature that allows the user enjoy together with his friends and has more fun in the show!

User flow

Understanding my users behaviors

Based on the feature narrative, i began to construct the user flow (happy path) taking into consideration the first time experience and the returning user experience.
To make the usage more comfortable and clear, I separated the ticket purchase area from the other services the user gets during the show.

Low fidelity wireframes

Giving expression to my ideas on paper

My next step was to plan the pages on sketches. It’s easier for me to plan and give expression to my ideas on paper.
This is my time for experimentation and get a sense of space and layout quickly.


Illustrate the layout of pages

After i finished planning and took decision about the main process, i switched to Axure .
here you can see a quick view of the “backstage” of my plans.

Buying tickets

Food order

Order tracking

The design

Coloring your Show

In order to convey the message of powerful, colorful and richer show experience, I created a visual identity that was inspired by nightlife scenes and music posters.
I emphasized the features and values ​​of the product by using bold colors, glitch art and illustrations that reflect lightness and accessibility in the virtual space.

The illustrations

The illustrations reflect lightness and accessibility of the app’s services in the virtual space.

The Logo

In order to emphasize the richness, power and dimensionality that the user experiences during the show i used Illusion effect and bold colors

What’s the plan

Find the show you love

When the fans enter the app they can search easily for events by categories and filtering and get real-time updates ticket availability.
The show list is arranged by upcoming events, International artists, and local artists.

Feel the vibe before you buy a ticket

Once the fans choose a show, they will get all the basic information they need and even more:
playlist preparation for the show, Video message from the artist, reviews and world tour photos & map.

Be prepared for the show

The fans can listen to the most played songs at the last shows of the artist and be prepared for the show.
The playlist based on data of the site (API).

All the show’s services in one place

The show zone includes all the services the user can get during the event:
Food & Beverage, merchandize, light shows, friends list who are in the show, maps, and digital tickets.

Skip the long lines

The fans can buy simply pre and during the show :
Just click and collect your order from the lockers (or sales points) when it’s ready.

No worries, you can keep enjoy your show. we will notify you once your order will be ready:)

A personal message from your lovely artist

In case the fan regrets and wants to exit the checkout process, a personal video message from the artist will be played and makes him a good surprise:)

Your phone is your ticket

See, share and print all your event info in one convenient place.

Usability testing

Testing the functionality of the app

The usability testing was the one step before designing and aims to check the main processes in the app.
I built a prototype to check if the usage is cleared and has a good flow and check if my hierarchy works like the way it should be.
I met some users and asked them to do some actions in the prototype and think aloud.

The results


Search for show page

The main button “Tickets” makes the users get confused. They thought they can find their tickets on this page while it’s only for ticket purchases. so I changed it to “search”.




My show page

My first thought was to reveal the special features for pushing sales.
But actually what happened is that the users did not use all the features on this page because they felt like we were just trying to push them to buy.

Therefore, I decided to change it to fun experience by making them feel like they arrived at the zone of the show, where they can find all the services they need in the show and see which friends are also in the show.